Christmas: "It becomes eligible to give a device that has already lived as a gift," says the founder of Back Ma

The French are opting more and more for second-hand gifts.An economical and ecological purchase for Vianney Vaute, founder of Back Market, who wants to "democratize the adoption of refurbished products".

The state-of-the-art refurbished telephone, that beautiful book with a bit of damage, or that vintage bag that has lived a bit ...Under the Christmas tree, you have surely seen second-hand gifts.French people buy used or refurbished objects much more to offer them as gifts.And that, Back Market, the site for the sale of refurbished high-tech products, takes advantage!

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"During the holidays, we see that it even works better and better as a gift," said Wednesday, December 25 on franceinfo Vianney Vaute, co-founder of Back Market.According to him, we are witnessing a change in mentalities, "that becomes eligible to offer as a gift a device that has already lived, as long as there are guarantees that are similar to those of the new one.It is interesting to see that the status of a used or refurbished electronic product evolves in terms of consumer mindset."

A market "which grows by 20 to 30% per year"

More than 60% of Back Market consumers buy on the platform because they choose refurbished, according to a survey carried out on the site.Customers in an economic and ecological approach, according to Vianney Vaute: "We bring together both people who are a little tight on purchasing power, so we offer them solutions, but there are also people who are extremely committed."

Posted Date: 2020-12-06

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